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Re: Knight's Move

There is a nice collection of chessboards at Maryhill Museum near here.   I see many old sets do not have a tower but was told that the Rook was originally a fortified contraption on the back of an elephant.??????
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Sent: Tuesday, November 14, 2000 6:45 AM
Subject: RE: Knight's Move

Some months ago I wrote to William Buehler about a dream I had had.  The dream is not important.
From the dream came ideas, the ideas built on the knowledge I already had, and started to form a pattern regarding CHESS.
I have only recently come to realise how the wonderful game of Chess consists of unseen puzzles, keys, clues and history.
The game was brought back to Europe from the crusades after contact with the Islamic world.  Few Europeans took advantage of Islamic knowledge, but we know the Templars certainly did; riches is in Knowledge! Cartography, Astronomy, Mathematics, Medicines, gardens and more.
William Buehler has revealed the Knight's (Templar) move for our benefit. 
The Bishops were originally Ships, plying the seas and tacking with the Winds, winning trade routes, exploration of new lands and Knowledge per Prince Henry.
The Church was quick to modify the game to introduce its authority and relace ships with Bishops, but the diagonal movement no longer makes sense for this piece.
The Rook is styled as a tower or (Magdala) rather than as a castle, an overt clue to Mary Magdalene, same can be seen in the Tarot Cards also introduced with hidden meaning into Europe.