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Re: Mea Culpa, mea Culpa + gloassary

Dear Friends,

Apparently honest comment as to the accuracyof certain sources now has to be
replaced with a soupcon of circumlocution. Far be it from me to argue with
the list moderator, my duty is simply to obey. In case I do feel moved to
comment on sources in future herewith is a glossary of the kind of terms I
shall use.

This source is reliable = the man has a reputation for integrity, honesty
and good scholarship.

A good source = as far as can be established his or her ideas are usually
verifaible from reliable sources.

Unknown validity = of unknown validity

Flakey = purports to be an expert, wrong far more often than not, often
dishonourable, their views can chane with bewildering rapidity, often in a
self-contradictory manner  and a pertinaceous follower of bizarre ideas
which neither he nor anyone else can understand, prove or disprove.

Dubious = Known to lie most of the time, fantasize or grossly exagerate.

Downright dangerous - so wrong their sanity is in doubt, but diagnosis is as
yet unknown - after all I'm only a poor bloody psychologist not a

      Apart from that I shall lurk quietly in future unless asked to
comment. So folks you may now parade the most bizarre theories in perfect
safety from any commentaryy from yours truly.

Yours in silence


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