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Knight of the Cart

Subj: Grail archetype: "Knight of the Cart"
To: Sinclairs in general
Ref: Tim's passing remark:
"Speaking of the entire Graal corpus, the Grail scholar Malcolm Godwin said:

    "And at its core, there exists a secret which has sustained the mystical
appeal of the Grail for the last nine hundred years, while other myths and
legends have slipped away into oblivion and been forgotton."

    "The group of families we call 'Rex Deus' which included the Houses of
Champagne, Flanders and the St Clairs of Normandy were the guardians of that
I do not believe that "...that secret" need be a secret nor should it be. I also believe that Clan Sinclair ...somewhere within its collective fabric... holds the information or State of Being, that will open the so called "Grail Secret." Thus I pay particular attention to what the contemporary Clan has to say as well as those older and ostensibly more exact statements carved in stone and design. Myths are especially important in at least explaining former grail formats.
It is important to me personally to discover enough about the "Grail" to be able to use "it" in practical application in group dynamics. These dynamics are also directly correlated with temple and other grid geometry. A group is a temple; so is a single person. A "synergic" group is a unified group which still employs individuality only in much more efficient actions. "Geometry" ...measuring the land... is a poor word, "Cosmetrics" is better: measuring cosmos. Cosmetrics (or temple and earth-grid geometry) is a loose term for the action of organizing aspects and functions of consciousness (Mind, not thought) and specific energy systems that support the cosmetric organization. "The Grail" appears to be the State of Being (with energy and consciousness) that supports the whole effort. And it is not at all restricted to the Celt or Judeo Christian spiritual systems.
The Grail archetype as a cauldron is one that (re)generates healing and new life. "New Life" requires a form to live in so new formats will appear that will organize aspects of consciousness and energy. I also find that there are two Grails: male and female, and then also a composite. The Cart with its two wheels and box becomes a good example of precise symbolism.
The Grail as a physical cup containing the Host: body and blood of the Christ is certainly a potent and essential description but the details and application of the cup, the "dynamic" of these are universal and also manageable in a much wider context. This context may be translated into math, music, cosmetrics of other forms including geometric design of temples and larger earth grids. Rosslyn Chapel, Chartres, Stonehenge are a few examples of Grail Temples in my view of the Grail's function.
I think that the Grail Dynamic crashes its program at key times in human evolution and then reboots in an upgrade to fit whatever curriculum is planned for whichever social group is up for it be it nation, church or school, et al. Then a perceptive group of authors, musical composers, architects and educators will crank out vital inputs into the Group/Racial Mind of that time. If this is true then we must not lock into prior definitions of the Grail. Although the study might be useful it must become a trap. Our objective is to find the NEW Grail and its function.
Moving to the point, the name "Knight of the Cart" holds much meaning that may be pulled up into our time. (I have not read of it before although it appears to be a prominent name or function.) I will only address a few ideas about the Cart that would be useful to the grail seeker that spans time in their search for the time-less grail. I correlate "the Cart" or "wain" with Ursa Major. I had an epiphany of sorts one night in Stonehenge. The 100% overcast opened up above us in a clear circle of sky and stars to show Ursa Major in the NE over the Heel Stone. It appeared to me as a cup emptying its 3 drops onto the Heel Stone in an action of anointing or empowering the Stone and thus providing the spiritual software "keys and codes" downloading via the Stone into the temple matrix. The other constellations: Orion, Cassiopeia, etc were in places appropriate to other temple (cosmetric) formats I know of and are used in Rosslyn. For me, the "emptied cup" with its' three drops was a major inspiration. (I later found that "druidh"/Druid means "emptied cup.")
There are major cup systems too large to explain here however I'll just touch on a few. The grail correlation becomes obvious when we connect the "cart" to the "cup." I think that I stumbled on that with my Ursa Major experience.
There are advanced metaphysics hidden in the cart description: two wheels separated by the box or vault (ark, arc) and then the understanding of wheels: spokes radiating from the Unmoving Center to create a spinning ring, etc. However here I will only suggest that we look at the cart's draw bar as the 3 stars extending from the box. Just as the 3 drops from the cup empowers the Heel Stone, the Stone also empowers the Cup in a dual flow (When the Chief Head Stone becomes the Corner or "L": Ps 118:18-24). Thus in the correspondence with the cart we would place a horse in that position of the Heel Stone and also install two wheels on the box. The horse powers the system while the box is the manifesting mechanism for the system.
I will only take up your time with a look at the Horse's function and inner meaning. First understand that the Heel (Chief Head) Stone goes through a transformation to become a gate system (Ps 118 again) that cosmetrically shows up in an L shape. This gate system is not simply an innerdimensional gate, it is an intratemporal or "time" gate and depends on a State of Being related to the Christ in quality, of the operator(s) to safely and efficiently use it. The Horse is used as a symbol for such a system, relating to the "L" gate. Two examples: the Knight's Move in chess is the L, also in the Hebrew alphabet the L is the letter gamel, #3, drawn as an L in the protosiniatic version ("gamel" means camel, a horse substitute in the Mideast).
Nearer home, in Edinburgh's grid system St. Columba installed a large L from Inchcolm (St. Columba's chapel/island), to Black Hill (Sinclairs later built a tower there), to Rosslyn. St. Columba also describes this L system in detail (picture codes and geometry) in an illumined L on the first page of the Lindisfarne Gospels. Ten centuries later Clan Sinclair reinstalled and used the same grid. In present times a spiritually sensitive gentleman of that area has independently discovered a Horse and Rider outlined in the land (in the Green Man effect) complementing Columba's L. Together these translate as the "Gates of Righteousness" in Ps. 118 when linked to the geometry of the land. This horse, as it were, is NE of Rosslyn and in the position of the Heel Stone as far as Rosslyn and the larger grid are concerned.
I have touched on a few spiritual dynamics that are probably completely unfamiliar to all readers. I have not provided detail but have only suggested that there may be a whole lot more involved in the Knight of the Cart's meaning and role that must be first understood before reading anything said about him/her. In short, the Knight must be: (1) able to "harness" the horse: that is, to be able to shift the Chief Head Stone (Yeshu, the Messiah is the Stone) to become the Corner or "L", the Gate system; (2) able to first empty the Cart/Cup, that is to become the sacred Silence or Void (Unmanifest God as source of life: the grail essence) prior to operation of the Wheels; and (3) able to then perceive and transmit the new "Host" or creation codes that fill the Cart.
This capability is expected of the Templar or "Warrior-Priest" in any culture frame in any time. I have not used unusual terms above, any Celt or Buddhist monk or native shaman would understand the commentary. It is also well explained (albeit slightly coded) in Jewish and Christian scriptures (combined in a unified field). When studying valid references, as in scripture where we always find a "new" cart, look for symbols of the Cart and then what it contains ...as the Ark for example... as the main lesson of the writing. This will be associated with what the Knight has to do to hitch up the horse and get the cart loaded and underweigh. The loading of the Cart may be a sequence of events which will properly be describing a creation sequence which uses the codes. In other words the myth is really a mystery writing that is also a creation manual relating to the Grail (Cart) and how it may be practically used.
IN SUMMARY what is all this in aid of? I'm personally intrigued by the "Knight of the Cart" designation but I also believe it to have been (and may still be) the most exalted function of the Sinclair Templars. The role is more than simply that of the "Grail Knight", it describes a specialty in the operation of two complementary systems: (1) that of the gates (horse) or Chief Head Stone that becomes the Corner, and (2) the grail's manifesting system. Is this past history or is it relevant today? We have the basic knowledge now to do the same work; this knowledge is spread worldwide but I believe that it will become focused again in Rosslyn and related sites. Knowledge is only part of the equation, effective action depends on the clarity of the Christos-Within those persons experimenting with the formats. It is not a dead, arcane skill.