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Re: Knight of the Cart

Title: Re: Knight of the Cart
on 13/11/00 17:20, William Buehler at roslinne@fone.net wrote:

Subj: Grail archetype: "Knight of the Cart"
To: Sinclairs in general

To you, William Buehler, I say: beautifully said. Thank you.

Ref: Tim's passing remark:

I do not believe that "...that secret" need be a secret nor should it be. I also believe that Clan Sinclair ... holds the information or State of Being, that will open the so called "Grail Secret." Thus I pay particular attention to what the contemporary Clan has to say as well as those older and ostensibly more exact statements carved in stone and design. Myths are especially important in at least explaining former grail formats.

It is important to me personally to discover enough about the "Grail" to be able to use "it" in practical application in group dynamics... Our objective is to find the NEW Grail and its function.

Moving to the point, the name "Knight of the Cart" holds much meaning that may be pulled up into our time...IN SUMMARY what is all this in aid of? I'm personally intrigued by the "Knight of the Cart" designation but I also believe it to have been (and may still be) the most exalted function of the Sinclair Templars. The role is more than simply that of the "Grail Knight", it describes a specialty in the operation of two complementary systems: (1) that of the gates (horse) or Chief Head Stone that becomes the Corner, and (2) the grail's manifesting system. Is this past history or is it relevant today? We have the basic knowledge now to do the same work; this knowledge is spread worldwide but I believe that it will become focused again in Rosslyn and related sites. Knowledge is only part of the equation, effective action depends on the clarity of the Christos-Within those persons experimenting with the formats. It is not a dead, arcane skill.