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Re: Pierre Elliot Trudeau

At 16:46 01/10/00 -0500, you wrote:
> >1) "He was of Scottish descent on his mother's side". "Her maiden name was
> >Elliot".
>That was her name, although why that would be considered Scottish descent
>I don't know.
>This web page gives a genealogy that it claims came from his memoirs:
>  http://www.cyber-surfer.com/DATABASE/fam10080.htm
>Note that Elliot (with two letters l and one t) is the Harvard Eliot
>spelling, same as also that of Rev. John Elliot (1604-1690), the so-called
>Apostle of the Indians in Massachusetts before King Philip's War, which
>you may recall Privateers just mentioned.  From John Elliot's portrait
>he doesn't look much like Trudeau, being short and squat, but one never
>knows.  He was incidentally, a Dorchester resident, not a Plymouth Pilgrim.
>But that's a different subject.
> >2) "He married a Sinclair". (Namely Margaret Sinclair-Stevens (is that
> >right?))
>  ``Six foot high flowers stands carrying daffodils, tulips, daisies and
>  pussy willows at either end of the altar set a springlike mood in
>  St. Stephen's Roman Catholic Church recently where a quiet
>  wedding was solemnized when vows were exchanged by Pierre
>  Elliot Trudeau, son of Mrs. Charles-Emile Trudeau and the late
>  Mr. Trudeau of Montreal, and Margaret Sinclair, fourth daughter
>  of the Hon. and Mrs. James Sinclair of 1102 Highland.
>  Rev John Swinkels officiated at the wedding mass in the
>  contemporary-style church, nestled at the foot of the slopes in
>  the Lynn Valley.''
>  http://www.the-wedding-planner.com/trudeaus.htm
>I'm guessing that Hon. means the bride's father was a judge or M.P.
>If so, tracing him should be relatively easy.
> >    So, I was wondering where their lines came from and their relative
> >Sinclair-ness.
>The above wedding notice also says she had a sister Rosalind.
>Let's see, a Sinclair family that named two daughters Margaret
>and Rosalind (OK, not Rosabelle, but pretty close).  Sounds like
>they were probably aware of Rosslyn history.
>Margaret Sinclair is still alive and kicking, so somebody brave
>enough could ask her.
> >    "Trudeau came from a wealthy family". He went to a Jesuit school in
> >Quebec". "He studied in France and at the London School of Economics".
>And in between he went to the Universite de Montreal and Harvard.
>  http://www.cyber-north.com/public/trudeau.htm

Elliot (Eliott) are different spellings of the same name which were adopted 
by certain
families to distinguish themselves from their own 'kin'.  Adding an 'e' at 
the end of Smith
or a 'y' in the middle of the name is typical of this kind of ostentatiousness.

The Eliots are a Scottish border family.  An ancestor, Robert Elwald 
(d.1497) was a
squire to the Earl of Angus.  (Henry Sinclair's sister, Margaret, married 
Stewart, the Earl of Angus).

However, the earliest Eliot to settle in America was John Eliot 
(1604-1690), a Puritan Missionary
known as the Indian Apostle who was born in Hertfordshire and sailed to 
Boston, Massachusetts
in 1631.  He then settled in Roxbury, Massachusetts.  His father was a 
yeoman who owned a
considerable amount of land in Essex and claimed Norman descent.  This is 
quite likely as
Essex was 'settled' by the Normans under Eudo Fitzhammon St Clair.

Another notable American family produced T.S.Eliot (1888-1965)who was born 
in St Louis, Missouri.

This may have little relevance to Pierre Trudeau's lineage but may be of 
some general interest.

Niven Sinclair

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