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The Chief's Birthday

Malcolm Caithness, our Chief, has a birthday coming up on November 3.
At the General Meeting in Thurso last August,  it was decided that one of
the things we could do in order to keep going the wonderful spirit  being
generated by Sinclair2000 would be local get-togethers to exchange
good-will, photographsl and to drink to the Chiefs health.
Such a gathering will be held at the home of the Secretary of Clan Sinclair
Association of Canada, 133 Major Street Toronto, Telephone (416) 966-1523
Fax (416) 966-1587.
All Ontario Sinclairs are welcome as indeed would be any Sinclair from
anywhere who would care to make the trip (I would especially like Dale to
Time: 7:30 10:00 pm  Finger foods and drinks served.
Pass the word and RSVP me if you think you can make it.


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