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Re: Pierre Elliot Trudeau

Dear John:
Sinclair Stevens is the name of a former cabinet minister in the Tory
government of Brian Mulroney in the 80's and 90's. Margaret Sinclair was a
Sinclair and not  a "Sinclair Stevens"  I have met Margaret
Sinclair-Trudeau- Kemper and she is aware  Sinclair things esp. Rosslyn.
Hon. is a term that is given to any member of cabinet and Margaret's father
Jimmy Sinclair was Minister of Fisheries under the Liberals I believe under
Lester Pearson in the early '60's.
There are variations of the spelling of Elliott but I understand from my
"Scottish Clans and Family Names" by R. Martine that all are Scottish albeit
Lowland Scottish.  The Elliots have a tartan and indeed I remember Pierre
Trudeau, always perfectly dressed at all occasions. attending a Highland
Games in his Elliot kilt.
For Canadians, this is all straight forward.  What Rob was looking for is
the possiblities of Rex Deus connections as well.

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