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Re: Jacboties

I have  reread John, Dale and Rory postings.  I still find myself moved by
the sadness and suffering that must have overcome the transported.  But
still I feel a touch of pride in Caithness's actions. The very idea of an
apology is an anathema to me.  How do you say I am sorry for brutalising
your country. How do you say sorry for ending your way of life, abetted a
medieval one. What do we, generations later, have the right to accept such
an apology on those long dead.  I cannot justify any action by a
grandstanding petty Parliament.  Dale is correct imperialistly twice we
spread the British Empire across the world. Is it not the role of man to
expand  his national interests?  Americas "sea to shinning sea" the Russian
empire and others to numerous to mention.  Communication made it possible
and now that we came communicate directly without goverment interference are
we not in the position to reclaim the world.  This world was inherited from
our forefathers it is on loan from our children it is to them we owe the
correctness of our actions.


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