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true geneology favour

    I am among those on this list who appreciate the contributions of the talented geneologists who contribute to this discussion and our lives. I have been wondering about something for several weeks now and it has been constant since last night.
    As you may now know Pierre Elliot Trudeau, former Prime Minister of Canada, passed away yesterday at the age of 80. I have heard the following facts stated:
1) "He was of Scottish descent on his mother's side". "Her maiden name was Elliot".
2) "He married a Sinclair". (Namely Margaret Sinclair-Stevens (is that right?))
    So, I was wondering where their lines came from and their relative Sinclair-ness.
    I am desperately trying not to offend anyone (remember the Ronald Reagan spat on this list?) but there are some mind you, who feel that he was the closest to royalty we ever had. He certainly was a charismatic leader, and even his enemies (and they were legion - which alone should qualify him as a Sinclair) did not dispute his intellectual impact on the group consciousness and in our current de facto majority government led by a former Trudeau Minister of Finance.
    "Trudeau came from a wealthy family". He went to a Jesuit school in Quebec". "He studied in France and at the London School of Economics". 
   Sooooo - I'm totally inept and can't even begin to figure out how to get this info for myself...and most of my friends are not exactly ologists of any stripe...Could someone please have a look and see if there are any Sinclair or, I suppose, other Rex Deus connexions...?
           It's probably nothing but I'm really curious...?
                rob cohn
                    halifax, nova scotia