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The New Zealand Scots

In Dunedin to day 31st. September we are celebrating the amalgamation of the Two separate Presbyterian Church's in 1901. The General Assembly is being held here in Dunedin where the historic event took place and a re enactment of the service and parade are part of the proceedings. Prior to 1901 the Otago and Southland areas were governed by a synod set up by THE Burns ministry and the Scottish settlers who came Scotland after the Disruption in Edinburgh seeking freedom of expression and owning their land. The settlers in the north of the South Island and the North Island came also to escape the oppression, but were not part of the immigration arranged by the rebellious?? Free church . In 1901 the Two church's met at different parts of Dunedin and the marched towards one another along George St and meeting at Knox Church where a sermon of reconciliation took place. It is at Knox Church that we meet again to celebrate the union.
Although the amalgamation took place ,it is interesting to note that the area of Otago and Southland is property wise separate from the main church and is governed by a Synod which was established with the arrival of the settlers. As canny Scots they brought and sold property the profit going towards establishment of schools and the Otago University,property that was not sold is leased and managed by The Otago Foundation Trust,   the profit is used assist church's in maintence of property, and funding special projects to advance the word of God in the community.
Yes down here there is a great white sheet,  there are more sheep than people, and being of Scottish decent I wondering how we can tax them.
From Dunedin NZ
                      Regards to all
                                     Roy sinclair
P.S there will be Haggis on the menu to night