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Re: bookstores, etc., in Edinburgh

Edinburgh, the City of Ahs, the Athens of the North

A decent book store is James Thin; email: enquirees@jthin.co.uk web pages:

Maps, sketches, prints relating to Edinburgh architecture can be found in
the Carson Clark Gallery  on the Royal Mile (Cannongate).

Restaurants:  A couple of new and fun places (they are not high quid places
I must warn you)  is Frankenstein's Pub and the Crags.  Frankenstein's Pub
is worth going to just to absorb the decor; if you are there around ten in
the evening he (the monster) will receive his life-rejuvenating  electrical
shock from atop his three story steel truss tower and will then descend to
the main pub floor to scare your wits out.  Fun and not expensive --- a new
restaurant with most of its decorative trappings coming from the good ol'
USA.  Just a block up from the new Museum of Scotland on George IV bridge.
The Crags are a lot of fun and inexpensive.  Named after the nearby
Saulsbury Crags, the theme of the Crags is Edvard Munch's "The Scream."
Great veggie burgers and chips.

If you like seafood, a good restaurant is Harry Ramsdens on the waterfront
(Leith).  For evening dining at its best in Edinburgh, try the restaurant on
the top floor of the Museum of Scotland.  I try to stay away from touristy
places on the Royal Mile, but I have to admit the Witchery delivers a pretty
solid evening meal at a reasonable price (just down from the castle).  If
you love things medieval to go with your fine dining experience, I would
recommend the Dungeon Restaurant at Dalhousie Castle on the southeast skirts
of Edinburgh Bonnyrigg, Edinburgh---Phone 011-44-1875 820153; email:
res@dalhousiecastle.co.uk website: www.dalhousiecastle.co.uk This is a real
castle and if you do not  tip well, they may well through you into one of
the dungeon rooms where they store their wine---might not be a bad
experience though.....

Ward Ginn
Great Falls, Virginia

> Anybody know a good bookstore in Edinburgh?
> By good, I mean in this case with for example a complete
> copy of Barbour's Bruce in the original Scots,
> or a detailed history of Edinburgh architecture,
> or other books that don't necessarily have tartan
> on the cover.
> Restaurant recommendations also appreciated.
> And if anybody has suggestions for Sinclair sites
> in Edinburgh that I might not have thought of.

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