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Guysborough, N.S.

Greetings All...

	Yesterday in Guysborough, Nova Scotia intrepid mariners Laura Zolo and the
enigmatic Captain Jack pulled into the town wharf under sunny skies and 30
knot winds. An eclectic crowd of 250 townsfolk, media, local dignitaries,
entertainers, sailing knuts, the just curious, and a significant smattering
of Sinclairs were on hand.

	Trying to get accurate description of the Laura-built 7 Roses had proved
difficult, but she is an admirable design, and obviously sturdy. Laura
herself is really quite a lady, but reports have neglected to speak of her
beauty. Cap't Jack is "on the run" from some movie about his life - he's
quite a character.

	Notables included Delayne Coleman and Richard, Niven, Laura's brother
Andreas visiting from Italy, Neal Sinclair, and Jack Sinclair. It was a
sincere pleasure to meet Tim Wallace Murphy (we did not dicuss hiking, but
we spoke for hours) and Marilyn Hopkins. May you all have the opportunity.

	Following the arrival, many great discussions were held on the wharf,
encompassing a wide variety of views...surprisingly, given the geneology of
some participants, the town was taken without bloodshed.

	Delayne and the Prince Henry Sinclair Society are to be commended for the
day's events, which included an early -evening reception at the Guysborough
Town Hall. Attendees included the aforementioned as well as Clan Canada
President Bill Sinclair and Former Afton Band Chief Kerry Prosper. Donald
Culp acted as MC for the event, and introduced the notables and then came to
the point where he was to introduce The Chief and Clan Piper.

	Despite our large number of international flights, Halifax Airport is the
lowest rung priority on the national airport scene and their customs systems
and folk are inefficient, to say the least. Niven may give you a better
blast about them maybe someday...but it can take a coupla hours...

	So Donald said: "and now, I was supposed to introduce Earl Malcolm of
Caithness at this point but...

	And Rory stepped out of a darkened doorway with a flourish booming:

		"and indeed you may"

		and Malcolm walked in to wild applause...

			Give a Piper a stage...

	The principles then retired to the de Barres Manor Country Inn for an
evening of quiet contemplation and prayer, no doubt...

	Today the Chief of the Clan Sinclair will present the specially
commissioned "Sword of Peace" to Cheif Ben Sylliboy of the Mi'k maq
Nation...and if you're into symbolism it doesn't get much better than that.
The ceremony takes place at 3pm at The Clan's Prince Henry Sinclair Memorial
atop Boylston Park.

	The sun is shining and there is a fair wind...it should be a great day for
the Clan in Nova Scotia...

			wish you were here,
					rob cohn

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