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Re: Sinclairs in Georgia

Hi Christine,

It seams like the name Boissy usually is a surname and not a christian
name. I  made some searches and could just come up with two persons
using the Boissy name as a christian name (one of them is your relative
I think) but a lot of people with the surname Boissy.

Maybe that was the origin of your relatives name.. a french immigrant
with the surname of Boissy, with time turned into a christian name
either because someone, a mother, wanted her children to bear her
surname and the fathers surname and then later on they just skipped the
christian name before the two surnames and by habit the surname became a
christian name. Hm, did that make any sense to you?

I also found this on the mormon site, which I find very interesting;

Sex: F 
Event(s): Birth: 
Abt. 1790 
<>, Tattnall, Georgia 

Source Information:
Film Number: 1761124 (at the LDS-center i Salt Lake)

maybe this is the origin of your relative, a Boissy without christian
name, the state is right so is the time of birth. This might be the
reason you have her as a Boissy "something" while it should have been a
"something" Boissy. Maybe there where no other records of her birth and
as she died a long time ago and no one had the opportunity to ask her…

As I'm writing this I'm still searching… I found even more information
which tells us I'm right. I found a marriage record for her….

Sex: F 
Spouse: Jesse CARVER 
Marriage Abt. 1811 
<>, Tattnall, Georgia

and as your name is Carver I believe for a fact that this is your
relative…. So now we do know her last name was Boissy as the information
above is to be found in the International Genealogical Index in Salt
Lake City, the source for IGI is church and parish records and official
census records. You can order the micro films from them, just visit
their local LDS centre close to where you live.

One can also see that all of the Boissy's first came to Canada from
France where they appear around the late 1600. The first  Boissy I can
find in the US is;

Sex: M 
Spouse: Marie BISETTE 
Marriage: 3 Aug 1795 , St Louis, Missouri

The first record of this Louis is this record of marriage therefor I
assume that he was born in Canada, there are quite a few Louise that
will match him by age, and that he then went over to the US where he met
Marie and married. As the time of marriage fits I believe this couple to
be the parents of your relative.

But then again there are other information which might be of interest.
During this years there where actually a Peter BOISSY living in Sutton
At Hone, Kent, England… and maybe he did emigrate with his family to the
US? Though I could not find any records of this.

However I have not found any connection whatsoever with the Sinclair
name - so far. But that does not mean there are non. I hope that at
least some of the information above will give you a lead on where to go

When it comes to geography mapquest.com came up with 17 hits for Boissy
in France.

Best regards

PS: This might also be of interest to you.

Boissy Carver (F) 
                   23 FEB 1841 -- Georgia, USA
                   4 OCT 1910 -- Georgia, USA 
                   William, Harper Gaskins
                   James J. Carver, Sarah Ricketson

Boissy Unknown (F) 
                   1795 -- GA
                   1855 -- Ware Co., GA 
                   Jesse Carver

> Donna Cassady wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> My name is Christine Carver and I am hoping someone will be able to
> help me. My GGGgrandmother was born 1795 in Georgia and her name was
> Boissy. She married my GGGgrandfather Jesse Carver and they had 6
> children. She died in Ware CO. Georgia around 1855. No one has ever
> known her maiden name, recently a Carver family book publisher has
> said her maiden name was Sinclair. When questioned about where he
> found this information he stated that he never prints anything unless
> he has proof but he can't remember where he found this info. Her name
> is a very unusual name which has been passed down through the
> generations, has anyone else ever heard this name ? Or has anyone ever
> seen at any time the name Boissy Sinclair ? I keep coming up against
> brick wall's on this issue and truly need any help I can get from
> Sinclairs.
> Sincerly, Christine Carver        christine@desoto.net
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