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Re: Sinclairs in Georgia

>Hi Christine,
>It seams like the name Boissy usually is a surname and not a christian
>name. I  made some searches and could just come up with two persons
>using the Boissy name as a christian name (one of them is your relative
>I think) but a lot of people with the surname Boissy.
>Maybe that was the origin of your relatives name.. a french immigrant
>with the surname of Boissy, with time turned into a christian name
>either because someone, a mother, wanted her children to bear her
>surname and the fathers surname and then later on they just skipped the
>christian name before the two surnames and by habit the surname became a
>christian name. Hm, did that make any sense to you?
>I also found this on the mormon site, which I find very interesting;
>Sex: F 
>Event(s): Birth: 
>Abt. 1790 
><>, Tattnall, Georgia 
>Source Information:
>Film Number: 1761124 (at the LDS-center i Salt Lake)
>maybe this is the origin of your relative, a Boissy without christian
>name, the state is right so is the time of birth. This might be the
>reason you have her as a Boissy "something" while it should have been a
>"something" Boissy. Maybe there where no other records of her birth and
>as she died a long time ago and no one had the opportunity to ask her…
>As I'm writing this I'm still searching… I found even more information
>which tells us I'm right. I found a marriage record for her….
>Sex: F 
>Spouse: Jesse CARVER 
>Marriage Abt. 1811 
><>, Tattnall, Georgia

Do you have a source for this marriage record?

>and as your name is Carver I believe for a fact that this is your
>relative…. So now we do know her last name was Boissy as the information
>above is to be found in the International Genealogical Index in Salt
>Lake City, the source for IGI is church and parish records and official
>census records. You can order the micro films from them, just visit
>their local LDS centre close to where you live.

Um, one should always take LDS records with a large grain of salt.
They record basically anything anyone tells them.  And just because
they recorded a single name as a surname isn't much evidence that it
was a surname and not a first name.

>One can also see that all of the Boissy's first came to Canada from
>France where they appear around the late 1600. The first  Boissy I can
>find in the US is;
>Louis BOISSY 
>Sex: M 
>Spouse: Marie BISETTE 
>Marriage: 3 Aug 1795 , St Louis, Missouri
>The first record of this Louis is this record of marriage therefor I
>assume that he was born in Canada, there are quite a few Louise that
>will match him by age, and that he then went over to the US where he met
>Marie and married. As the time of marriage fits I believe this couple to
>be the parents of your relative.
>But then again there are other information which might be of interest.
>During this years there where actually a Peter BOISSY living in Sutton
>At Hone, Kent, England… and maybe he did emigrate with his family to the
>US? Though I could not find any records of this.
>However I have not found any connection whatsoever with the Sinclair
>name - so far. But that does not mean there are non. I hope that at
>least some of the information above will give you a lead on where to go
>When it comes to geography mapquest.com came up with 17 hits for Boissy
>in France.
>Best regards
>PS: This might also be of interest to you.
>Boissy Carver (F) 
>          Birth:
>                   23 FEB 1841 -- Georgia, USA
>          Death:
>                   4 OCT 1910 -- Georgia, USA 
>          Spouse: 
>                   William, Harper Gaskins
>          Parents:
>                   James J. Carver, Sarah Ricketson

This Boissy's father is a son of the first Boissy and Jesse Carver.
I.e., this Boissy is a granddaughter of the first Boissy.

>Boissy Unknown (F) 
>          Birth:
>                   1795 -- GA
>          Death:
>                   1855 -- Ware Co., GA 
>          Spouse: 
>                   Jesse Carver
>          Parents:

That's the first Boissy again.

There's plenty of information on this Carver family in the book I cited
in a previous message, Huxford's Pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia, which is
the standard reference for that time and place.

John S. Quarterman <jsq@matrix.net>

>> Donna Cassady wrote:
>> Hello everyone,
>> My name is Christine Carver and I am hoping someone will be able to
>> help me. My GGGgrandmother was born 1795 in Georgia and her name was
>> Boissy. She married my GGGgrandfather Jesse Carver and they had 6
>> children. She died in Ware CO. Georgia around 1855. No one has ever
>> known her maiden name, recently a Carver family book publisher has
>> said her maiden name was Sinclair. When questioned about where he
>> found this information he stated that he never prints anything unless
>> he has proof but he can't remember where he found this info. Her name
>> is a very unusual name which has been passed down through the
>> generations, has anyone else ever heard this name ? Or has anyone ever
>> seen at any time the name Boissy Sinclair ? I keep coming up against
>> brick wall's on this issue and truly need any help I can get from
>> Sinclairs.
>> Sincerly, Christine Carver        christine@desoto.net
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