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Sinclairs in Georgia

Hello everyone,
My name is Christine Carver and I am hoping someone will be able to help me. My GGGgrandmother was born 1795 in Georgia and her name was Boissy. She married my GGGgrandfather Jesse Carver and they had 6 children. She died in Ware CO. Georgia around 1855. No one has ever known her maiden name, recently a Carver family book publisher has said her maiden name was Sinclair. When questioned about where he found this information he stated that he never prints anything unless he has proof but he can't remember where he found this info. Her name is a very unusual name which has been passed down through the generations, has anyone else ever heard this name ? Or has anyone ever seen at any time the name Boissy Sinclair ? I keep coming up against brick wall's on this issue and truly need any help I can get from Sinclairs.
                                                                  Sincerly, Christine Carver        christine@desoto.net