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Re: Guysborough, N.S.

Thanks so much Rob, for keeping us up to date.  I'll keep watching CBC news today for
live reports!   LOL - where are our national television networks when something
really  important happens?  Watching some men bash little white balls, with sticks
around a field (golf).  They are all over the maritimes giving the natives coverage
the lobster dispute, always showing some "act of vandalism".  I hope they have the
grace to cover this ceremony of peace.

I'll get off my soapbox now.


Rob Cohn wrote:

> Greetings All...
>         Yesterday in Guysborough, Nova Scotia intrepid mariners Laura Zolo and the
> enigmatic Captain Jack pulled into the town wharf under sunny skies and 30
> knot winds. An eclectic crowd of 250 townsfolk, media, local dignitaries,
> entertainers, sailing knuts, the just curious, and a significant smattering
> of Sinclairs were on hand.
>         Trying to get accurate description of the Laura-built 7 Roses had proved
> difficult, but she is an admirable design, and obviously sturdy. Laura
> herself is really quite a lady, but reports have neglected to speak of her
> beauty. Cap't Jack is "on the run" from some movie about his life - he's
> quite a character.
>         Notables included Delayne Coleman and Richard, Niven, Laura's brother
> Andreas visiting from Italy, Neal Sinclair, and Jack Sinclair. It was a
> sincere pleasure to meet Tim Wallace Murphy (we did not dicuss hiking, but
> we spoke for hours) and Marilyn Hopkins. May you all have the opportunity.
>         Following the arrival, many great discussions were held on the wharf,
> encompassing a wide variety of views...surprisingly, given the geneology of
> some participants, the town was taken without bloodshed.
>         Delayne and the Prince Henry Sinclair Society are to be commended for the
> day's events, which included an early -evening reception at the Guysborough
> Town Hall. Attendees included the aforementioned as well as Clan Canada
> President Bill Sinclair and Former Afton Band Chief Kerry Prosper. Donald
> Culp acted as MC for the event, and introduced the notables and then came to
> the point where he was to introduce The Chief and Clan Piper.
>         Despite our large number of international flights, Halifax Airport is the
> lowest rung priority on the national airport scene and their customs systems
> and folk are inefficient, to say the least. Niven may give you a better
> blast about them maybe someday...but it can take a coupla hours...
>         So Donald said: "and now, I was supposed to introduce Earl Malcolm of
> Caithness at this point but...
>         And Rory stepped out of a darkened doorway with a flourish booming:
>                 "and indeed you may"
>                 and Malcolm walked in to wild applause...
>                         Give a Piper a stage...
>         The principles then retired to the de Barres Manor Country Inn for an
> evening of quiet contemplation and prayer, no doubt...
>         Today the Chief of the Clan Sinclair will present the specially
> commissioned "Sword of Peace" to Cheif Ben Sylliboy of the Mi'k maq
> Nation...and if you're into symbolism it doesn't get much better than that.
> The ceremony takes place at 3pm at The Clan's Prince Henry Sinclair Memorial
> atop Boylston Park.
>         The sun is shining and there is a fair wind...it should be a great day for
> the Clan in Nova Scotia...
>                         wish you were here,
>                                         rob cohn
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[ This is the Sinclair family discussion list, sinclair@mids.org
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