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Kirkwall Scroll

Dear Friend Tim,
You noted: "The only reason that the true meaning of the Kirkwall Scroll is not disclosed to the general public by its guardians is that it refers to teaching and rituals within the Craft to which all Masons have sworn a vow of silence. This attitude, of course, leaves the field open to speculation by outsiders which, in this case, could perpetuate nonsense, bring the entire effort to interpret history into disrepute and bring discredit on the Sinclairs in general. Should I then remain silent under these circumstances? I think not."
You will remember our discussions of several years ago so you know I honor your position re historical fact ...and I'm not going to get into your statement in its other aspects... but I wish to insert a passing thought here re the Masons and the Scroll's possible connection to Rosslyn as well as the Masonic info remaining secret.
I'm not a Mason but have known a few including a couple of former Masons (American) who quit in disgust over the oath to kill violators. (The American Masons say publicly that this is symbolic, not actual. However the more competent people see symbolism as a short-form creation mantra/mandala... its real.) This and other factors have convinced me that although the Masons do fine work it appears to me to be more a social club with good intent but short on the understanding of the deeper mysteries that the Templars passed on and were extent at the time the Kirkwall Scroll was made. (This statement is based on discussions with former Masons; not regarding their processes but about what they know in energetic dynamics.)
My statement about the Scroll is based on my admittedly poor analysis of the Scroll from a TV image of Niven's. The pictorial concepts were fairly clear but of course I couldn't use accurate geometry as a cross check. Still, the concepts are showing what I would consider to be "advanced" formats that are also found in the geometric grid at Rosslyn and a great many other examples of the same system in temples and earth grids. It was also used by St. Columba with his confirmation of it encoded in Hebrew as part of an illumined letter on the first page of the Lindisfarne Gospels. (The illumined "L" is an example of where spiritual intuition and the material realms are merged as historical "fact." The encoded Hebrew is a Celtic 9-fold knot in the sequence of 1-2-4-2 or "bad-ba" confirming the L's function and associated geometry.)
I realize that this is not in your realm of historical expertise and I am not trying to challenge you in that. I am only saying that there appears, at this point, to be a probability that whoever did the Scroll was also familiar with the formats used at Rosslyn. For that matter, these same formats would have been passed along over an extended time period probably for a few centuries and most certainly as highly secret. My position is that we as the whole Race are presently in a period of transition wherein these former secrets are being upgraded and released into the Racial Mind/Soul as a collective synergic unity.
The "secrets" relate to Grail dynamics ie spiritual dynamics so I am not trying to attach myself to historical theories, nor argue them; I am attempting to stay loose and learn as much as I can about this other range of consciousness. Consciousness formats or "archetypes" can best be explained in symbols which is what I believe the Scroll to be: a superb schematic of grail energetics. And those also used at Rosslyn.
I am at a disadvantage in this topic since I don't have a detailed replica of the Scroll for close study and I am also still in a learning process re the whole subject of energetics. I think that I am far enough along, however, to make a tentative but good estimate of the Scroll's statement. I did this for Niven several years ago and don't have it anymore ...a computer back-up casualty... so I can't come up with it again without a replica Scroll image to redo it.
Summary: I am not mixing historical theories with energetic theories, ie the Masonic secrets, although the two realms properly interact. My perception of "history" will not necessarily be the same as yours. I do think that there is a correspondence between the Scroll's energetic schematic, in symbolic terms, and Roslynn's energetic geometry. Not intending to be arrogant, I think that I have a better understanding of essential Masonic function than they do, as it was originally, but not in their present applications. This basic function (energetics of the Grail/Chief Head Stone that becomes the Corner) is found in both the Scroll and Rosslyn. So there certainly should be Masonic symbols in the Scroll but that does not mean that nonmasonic "civilians" like myself can not read them. Basic systems can be understood by anyone; if the Masons then use these same systems in their Degrees this does not mean that I can not use the basics and further expand on them beyond the Mason's understanding. (Note: if any Masons are reading this I invite a dialogue on a private basis. Ideally we would both give the Scroll a work over.)
Are my ideas "non-sense?"  I certainly hope so. "Senses" are highly restrictive to physical, emotional and mental ranges of the higher and more accurate gnosis (knowing). Perceptive process in spiritual dynamics transcends the senses for accurate understanding but this perception is then translated by the senses ...which hopefully have been upgraded and cleared to adequately deal with the perceptual download. "Non-sense" is a matter of accurate as well as pertinent perception. I don't like the idea of falsity in my area of work any more than you do in yours. I know that you are not accusing me of falsity but I wish to be clear about my methods. If I believe, with some basis of fact albeit of a different nature, that the Clan Sinclair has a range of experience beyond the obvious ...to quote a good reference: "Should I then remain silent under these circumstances? I think not!"
Bill Buehler