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some questions

Dear Cousins,
    I have been working hard on a new part of the History website and need
to pin down some facts.  Perhaps someone can help.

The References to Newport Tower, RI say it was built similarly to the style
of the towers in Ophir and Bressay.
Bressay was in the Shetland Is.  But where is this Ophir?

The on line dictionary says only that Ophir the seaport or region, mentioned
in the Bible, from which the ships of Solomon brought great treasures,
including gold, jewels, and ivory. The location of Ophir is unknown,
although it has been variously identified
Does anyone have the information surrounding Prince Henry's will prior to
1398 that names his half brother and his daughter, Elizabeth, as
beneficiaries of his various holdings?  Any date or approximate date?

How is it that David is Henry's 1/2 brother ?  Did his mother die youngish
and David and other children then from a second marriage? Is he a son of his
mother's prior to her marriage to Henry's father?

How often is the Orkney Symposium held?.

There have been little hints that Prince Henry was "very" friendly or close
to Queen Margaret of Norway.  Upon what is that based?   Are there any good
biographies of her?   If so do they cast any light upon this era?

I assume that Henry didn't become the Grand Master of the Scottish Temple
until he was 21.  But his father died when he was 13.  How does the Temple
get along without a grandmaster for 8 years in such a case?


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