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In the footsteps of George Sinclair, 1612

We have been well looked after since we arrived in Otta.  Inge Leif and 
Eldbjørg Larsen met us at the station and took us round the hotel where 
they will take over management on 1st September, the Rondane Spa Hotel.  It 
has a website at www.rondane.no or www.spa.no .  They took us on a tour of 
the area yesterday, visiting the glacier skiing at Jyvvashytte on 
Galdhopingen, the highest mountain in Norway.  We also visited Rakel 
Dyrhaug at her new job at the Sel Rondane Tourist Office.  While we were 
there, Donald and Mary Sinclair called from their friends house in 
Tonsberg, in the south of Norway.  As I write they are driving north, and 
they will reach here this afternoon after a 7 hour drive through this 
beautiful country.

Today we, with Chris, are to visit with Elsa a secret WWII resistance base, 
hidden in the mountains, never discovered by the Germans and preserved as 
it was when it was operating.

The main Pillarguri Festival starts this evening at the Kultur Hus where 
the Olso Caledonian Pipe Band will play with the Town Band and local 
musicians.  We will take photographs to be posted on our website on return.

Yours aye

Iain , Annabel and Sarah in Otta, Sel Kommune, Norway


cc: Rakel Dyrhaug, Manager, Sel Rondane Tourist Office

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