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In the footstps of George Sinclair 1612

I have to report a single honour as one of the representatives of Clan 
Sinclair here in Otta for the annual Pillarguri Days, commemorating the 
1612 Battle of Kringen.  Yesterday evening I was asked to join the 
Pillarguri Committee in the "Sinclair Stue" (Sinclair Corner) in the 
Norlandia Otta Hotel.  Syvver Bakken made a short speech in Norwegian and 
Inge Leif Larsen translated it, advising that their Scottish Guest was to 
be made a Member of Sinclair's Club.  He pinned the badge on my lapel.  The 
badge is silver, of the man riding backwards on his horse, part of the 
tradition of the battle.  The next to receive the award was Jurgen, who 
made the Memorial that our Chief unveiled last year.  There are six members 
of the Pillarguri Committee, who wear the badge in gold, and now just 4 
members of Sinclair's Club, Pål Bruun, Chris Maile, and now Jurgen and 
I.  I have asked for a copy of the Statutes of the Club, which are kept in 
a "budstikke" in a display cabinet in the "Sinclair Stue".

The display cabinet has been built since we were here last year to house 
the Pillarguri's valuables and to explain its connections.  Pride of place 
is Niven's Millenium Sword, presented by Niven and our Chief here last year.

I will post photographs on return next Monday on our website, which already 
has this year's outline programme  in the Norway section.

Yours aye

Iain, your correspondent in Otta


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