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RE: Searching

here's a list of Australian Sinclair's to contact, none appear to be related
to me in the last 170 years, however, you may have more success. You will
need to give them as much information as possible for them to be of any
possible assistance.
isincl@dynamite.com.au <mailto:isincl@dynamite.com.au> 
mjmackay@ozemail.com.au <mailto:mjmackay@ozemail.com.au>  - who sent : 

1.         John SINCLAIR m. 25.11.1759, in Balmerino, Fife, Scotland,
Isabell PATERSON, b. 23. 5.1736, Balmerino, Fife, Scotland, (daughter of


                             i          Ann SINCLAIR b. 20. 9.1760, Grange,
Balmerino, Fife, Scotland.

                             ii          David ST CLAIR b. 27. 6.1762,
Kilmany, Fife, Scotland.

                             iii       Jannet ST CLAIR b. 02.12.1764,
Kilmany, Fife, Scotland.

                             iv          Robert SINCLAIR b. 16. 9.1770,
Flisk, Fife, Scotland.

                2.           v       John b. 06. 5.1773.

                             vi          Isabel (SAINT) ST CLAIR b. 06.
2.1776, Flisk, Fife, Scotland.  Born Tuesday at 4.00a.m.

                            vii          William ST CLAIR b. 04. 2.1779,
Flisk, Fife, Scotland.  Baptised Sunday 7/2/1779.

Second Generation

2.         John SINCLAIR b. 06. 5.1773, Flisk, Fife, Scotland, occupation
Cabinet Maker/Wright, m. 06. 7.1798, in Perth, Perthshire, Scotland, Ann
GALLETLY, b. 01. 9.1776, Perth, Perthshire, Scotland, (daughter of Alexander
GALLETLY and Ann ROSS). Not sure whether parents and date of birth correct?
Ann: Galletly or Gellatly.


                             i          John SINCLAIR b. 20. 4.1799, Perth,
Perthshire, Scotland, d. PRE. 1805.

                             ii          Alexander SINCLAIR b. 11.11.1801,
Perth, Perthshire, Scotland.

                3.           iii       James b. 30. 8.1803.

                             iv          John SINCLAIR b. 08. 9.1805, Perth,
Perthshire, Scotland, m. 02. 8.1866, in Tasmania, Australia, Elizabeth
Louise MURRAY.  John died ?, Bath, Somerset?, England.  Born Sunday.

                             v       Ann SINCLAIR b. 22. 5.1807, Perth,
Perthshire, Scotland, d. PRE 1817.  Born Friday.

                             vi          Isobella SINCLAIR b. 20. 6.1809,
Perth, Perthshire, Scotland, m. 1835, in Dundee, Scotland, William McNAB.

                            vii          Janet SINCLAIR b. 20. 7.1811,
Perth, Perthshire, Scotland.  Born Saturday.  Baptised by Rev. Mr. Jedidiah
Ackman, Minister Dissenting Congregation.

                            viii          William SINCLAIR b. 23. 9.1813,
Perth, Perthshire, Scotland.

                             ix          Peter SINCLAIR b. 18. 9.1815,
Perth, Perthshire, Scotland.

                             x       David SINCLAIR b. 18. 9.1815, Perth,
Perthshire, Scotland.

                4.           xi          Ann b. 09.11.1817.

                5.          xii          Robert b. 03. 4.1821.

Third Generation

3.         James SINCLAIR b. 30. 8.1803, Perth, Perthshire, Scotland,
occupation Carpenter/Woodyard, m. 18. 1.1856, in Melbourne, Victoria,
Christian LOW, b. Between 1821-27, Perth, Perthshire, Scotland, (daughter of
David LOW and Jean McDONALD) d. 1889, Port Melbourne, Victoria.  James died
26.11.1878, 64 Lt. Bourke Street, Melbourne.  Arrived in Van Diemans Land,
Tas. 1831, went to Portland as Boat Builder & Whaler 1833, eighteen months
before Edward Henry.  Left Portland late 1842, believed to have gone to
California Gold Rush.  Came back for Gold Rush in Vic 1864-72 lived at 64
Lt.Bourke St. Melb.  James was a shepherd for local squire whose home was on
the west side of crn. Macauley Rd, Kensington Rd & Epsom Rd. He would fire
his rifle & squire would come with men to chase aborginals away from Moonee
Ponds creek. (Min. Bapt.Mr. Jedidah Aikman) BORN TUESDAY. Christian: C. of
Scotland Marriage, Presbyterian.  Witnesses to second marriage were Robert &
Isabella Sinclair.  She was widowed from first marriage 1855. She had three
children 1 dead, 1 Archibald, ? other.


                             i          James SINCLAIR b. 1857, Beechworth,

                             ii          Jane Ann SINCLAIR b. ABT. 1859, d.
1859, Castlemaine, Victoria, buried #6575.

                             iii       Isabella Margaret SINCLAIR b. 04.
8.1861, West Melbourne, Victoria, occupation Home Duties, m. 4.7.1877, in
Victoria, William John PEARCE, b. 03. 2.1850, Melbourne, Victoria, (son of
William PEARCE and Selina FROST) occupation Tinsmith, d. 09.12.1928, 20
Sleet Street, Footscray, Victoria, buried #14827.  Isabella died 1945,
Camberwell, Victoria.  In 1862 she lived Lt. William St. off Bourke St.
West.  In 1908 lived 26 Walter St. Footscray. William: In 1898-99 William
was living at 8 Erle Street,Footscray.In 1908 he was living at 26 Walter
Street, Footscray.

                             iv          Henry McDonald SINCLAIR b. 1864,
Melbourne, Victoria, m. 1887, in Melbourne, Victoria, Harriet STOREY.  Henry
died AFT. 1908.

                             v       Jane Middlemas (Middlemiss) SINCLAIR b.
1866, Melbourne, Victoria, m. 1883, in Melbourne, Victoria, Alex LEADINGHAM,
b. Dundee, Scotland.

                             vi          Robina McNab SINCLAIR b. 1868,
Melbourne, Victoria, m. 1887, in Melbourne, Victoria, Thomas GOLDING, b.
1866, Ross Creek, (Ballarat) Victoria, (son of Thomas GOLDING and Isabella

                            vii          George Fyfe SINCLAIR b. 1871,
Melbourne, Victoria.

4.         Ann SINCLAIR b. 09.11.1817, Perth, Perthshire, Scotland, m. ABT.
1835, in Tasmania, Australia, William MURRAY.


                             i          William Sinclair MURRAY b. 15.
3.1835, Hobart, Tasmania, m. Mary EWART.

                             ii          Wilhelmina MURRAY b. 23. 2.1836,
Hobart, Tasmania, m. 18/ 8/1857, in Hobart, Tasmania, Charles SEAL.
Wilhelmina died 1910, Malvern, Victoria, buried #6014.

                             iii       Marrian MURRAY b. 17. 4.1841, Hobart,
Tasmania, m. 8/ 4/1862, in Hobart, Tasmania, Matthew SEAL, b. ABT. 1841.
Married age 20. Matthew: Married age 20.

                             iv          Catherine Sinclair MURRAY b. 24.
5.1843, Hobart, Tasmania, d. 29. 5.1844, Hobart, Tasmania.

5.         Robert SINCLAIR b. 03. 4.1821, Perth, Perthshire, Scotland,
occupation Engineer, m. 13. 4.1846, in St. Cuthbert's, Edinburgh, MID.
Scotland, Isobella BROWN, b. 1822, Edinburgh, MID. Scotland, (daughter of
James BROWN and Margaret DOW) d. 14. 7.1889, Carlton, Victoria, buried
#11094.  Robert died 11.11.1894, Victoria, buried #12488.  Arrived on board
'Indian Queen' in January 1854 with Alex,aged 4,and Margaret as an infant.
Lived 68 Lt. Bourke Street, West PROBATE 56/449 Robert Sinclair, Ascot Vale,
Engineer, 11/11/1894 Adminstration 21/12/1894.


                             i          Alex SINCLAIR b. 1850, Scotland.  A
Alex born Edinburgh married a Jane Wood 1871 #4493 P.I.

                             ii          Margaret Crambe SINCLAIR b. 1854,
Scotland, d. 08. 2.1882, Carlton, Victoria.

                             iii       James SINCLAIR b. 1855, Melbourne,
Victoria, d. 1855, Melbourne, Victoria.

                             iv          Jessie SINCLAIR b. 1857, Melbourne,
Victoria, d. 17. 8.1899, Carlton, Victoria.

                             v       David SINCLAIR b. 1859, West Melbourne,
Victoria, m. 1884, in Victoria, Isabella Annie RICKARDS, b. 1862, Melbourne,
Victoria, (daughter of John RICKARD and Anne FISHER). A Robert born
Sandridge married Eliza Jane Mansfield 1885 #5553 P.I.

                             vi          William SINCLAIR b. 1859, West
Melbourne, Victoria.

                            vii          Robert SINCLAIR b. 1862, Melbourne,

                            viii          Jemima SINCLAIR b. 1865,
Melbourne, Victoria, d. 1865, Melbourne, Victoria.

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service@tesc.com.au <mailto:service@tesc.com.au> Geoff Sinclair

KEITHS@ARTSWA.mca.wa.gov.a <mailto:KEITHS@ARTSWA.mca.wa.gov.au> uToodya WA

sinclap@syntegra.com.au <mailto:sinclap@syntegra.com.au> 

john@sinclair.org.au <mailto:john@sinclair.org.au> 

russell.sinclair@adelaide.edu.au <mailto:russell.sinclair@adelaide.edu.au> 

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Yours Aye,

Peter Sinclair 
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Western Australia 
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-----Original Message-----
From: Judy Koerber [mailto:jkoer@one.net.au]
Sent: Tuesday, 18 July 2000 8:00
To: sinclair@matrix.net
Subject: Searching

Hello Everyone,
After a few mail problems I have been able to get back on the list.
My name is Judy and I live in Adelaide, South Australia.  I've just started
tracing my family and it is proving difficult as there are very few living
relatives to ask and those remaining I have lost contact with over the years
and I would dearly love to know where we "fit in" and a lot more about my
My Grandfather's name was James Hugh Craigie Sinclair (birth date uncertain
? 16.5.1987) and he married Helena Close in 1891 and died 10 April 1943. 
He was the first Mayor of Henley and Grange.
They had 6 children.
Jeannie (died in childhood)
Jean Lilly
Grace Nellie
James Hugh
Jack (died during the war)
Thomas Walter (my father)
I believe my grandfather's parents were John Mitchell Sinclair and Jane
Not much to go on but I have to start somewhere and maybe somebody will
recognize these names.

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