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Fw: New SINCLAIR Obituaries Post

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Subject: New SINCLAIR Obituaries Post

>SINCLAIR Obituaries
>A new message, "Sinclair, Charlotte," was posted by Carol Anderson on Sun,
>16 Jul 2000
>Surname: Sinclair, Lee, Hall, Warren, Bell, Ubeller, Brown
>NAME: Carol Anderson
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>DATE: Jul 16 2000
>QRYTEXT: Kankakee Republican News
>December 9, 1936
>Burial for Mrs. Charlotte Lee Sinclair, 56, of Chicago, former resident of
Kankakee, will take place Thursday afternoon in Mound Grove cemetery where
services will be conducted by Rev. W H. Craine, pastor of First Methodist
>The body will arrive via Big Four Railway that afternoon at 2:50 o'clock
and will be taken directly to the cemetery.
>Mrs. Sinclair died in Chicago on Monday night at 10 o'clock. She was the
daughter of Daniel and Nancy Lee, formerly of Kankakee and was a coursin of
Mrs. Frances Bell, Mrs. Jennie Ubeller and Howard Brown, all of Kankakee.
>She is survived by her husband, James and children: Mrs. Elizabeth Hall of
Elwood City, PA, Donald Sinclair, James Sinclair, Mrs. Frances Warren,
Natalie Sinclair, and six grandchildren. A son Angus died four years ago..
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