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Re: St. Clairs in 19th c. Albany?

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Hello everyone,

I just subscribed to the list. My name is Lesley Murphy, and my gggrandmother was Mary Frances St. Clair, who lived in Albany, NY, and married my gggrandfather, David Tuttle Fuller in 1837 or 1838. I am actively involved in genealogical research, and have had  a very difficult time tracing Mary Frances's ancestry. I hoped that her name might ring a bell with someone on the list. We are particularly interested in her because she is the spitting image of my mother!

Any replies would be greatly appreciated.

I do not know whether this will give you a lead but:

                Captain Charles Northop St Clair was born in Russeltown, Quebec
                9th June, 1812.  When an infant of 5 months, his parents moved to
                Barre, New York which was ever after his home.  The St Clair
                homestead was that part of Barre which became Albion.  Mr St Clair]
                grew up and aided his father in clearing the lands.  At 20, he was a good               musician.  he manufactured (with his own hands) violins and guitars.

                At the same age he became Captain of the Orleans Grays which was
                one of the finest military companies in that area of the country.

                At one period of his life he commanded and owned boats on the Erie
                canal running from Buffalo to New York City but eventually chose farming
                as his main business and devoted his life to it.

                He married 10th June 1833 Elmina Baldwin daughter of Joel and Elizabeth
                Turrell of Pleasant Valley, Duchess County, N.Y.  The young couple built
                for themselves a house on the St Clair Estates.

                They celebrated their golden wedding in 1883.

                He died in Albion of paralysis 29th October, 1893 and his wife died
                in Albion on 6th October, 1896.  Both are buried in Mount Albion

                Their Children were:

                                Alphonzo Turrell
                                Francis Osmond
                                James Julius
                                Charles Henry*
                                Arthur Knowles
                                Joel Fuller Turrell**
                                Helen Louisa St Clair (an adopted daughter)
The Hon Charles Henry St Clair also engaged in the business of steam-boating but,
during the war, made a daring escape from the Confederates and became a pilot on board U.S.Ship Harriet Lane under Commander Wainwright of Admiral Farrgut's fleet

Joel Fuller Turrell was involved in the Battle of Mile Run, Virginia where he was badly

He married Mary H. Baird and of their 6 children, one was called Mary Isabella b.1869

I could not find any Mary Frances in this particular family but thought that the frequent
appearance of the name "Fuller" (usually as a middle name) was interesting.

Niven Sinclair
Lesley Murphy
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