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Hello Everyone,
After a few mail problems I have been able to get back on the list.
My name is Judy and I live in Adelaide, South Australia.  I've just started tracing my family and it is proving difficult as there are very few living relatives to ask and those remaining I have lost contact with over the years and I would dearly love to know where we "fit in" and a lot more about my background.
My Grandfather's name was James Hugh Craigie Sinclair (birth date uncertain ? 16.5.1987) and he married Helena Close in 1891 and died 10 April 1943.
He was the first Mayor of Henley and Grange.
They had 6 children.
Jeannie (died in childhood)
Jean Lilly
Grace Nellie
James Hugh
Jack (died during the war)
Thomas Walter (my father)
I believe my grandfather's parents were John Mitchell Sinclair and Jane Craigie.
Not much to go on but I have to start somewhere and maybe somebody will recognize these names.