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FW: Sinclair's

Some Australian Sinclair's that may help someone.

Peter Sinclair
Health, Safety & Training Services Pty Ltd
Barrow Island 6712
Western Australia
Tel: 61 08 9184 3773
Fax:61 08 9184 3639

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From: Terry Foenander [mailto:tfoenander@hotmail.com] 
Sent: Tuesday, 18 July 2000 9:43
To: sinp@chevron.com
Subject: Re: Sinclair's

     Thank you for your query of Monday.
     Because of the overwhelming number of queries I have received over the 
last couple of months or so, I have commenced placing the pages containing 
the full transcripts from the ARGUS on to the Internet.   Parts (Volumes) 1,

2 and 3 have already been on for more than a week, and you can link to them 
by going back to the index page where you found the names (the numbers after

each name are the part (or volume) number, and the page number), and 
immediately following the introduction you will find a notice advising of 
the linkage to those parts.   Click on the the part you wish to search - for

instance, James Sinclair 2, 41 will be in part 2, and then scroll down the 
alphabetical list of names until you find James Sinclair, and you will find 
all the information there that was printed in the ARGUS.   The number in 
brackets following the information refers to the ARGUS copy that the 
information was found in, which is shown at the bottom of each Part 
(Volume).   I will be uploading subsequent Parts at a later stage, as this 
will help ease the number of queries I have been receiving.   I will give 
you the full transcripts for the names from Part 4 onwards, which you sent:

Henry Sinclair, miner, aged 41, native of Scotland; arrived in 1863, ship 
unknown; died October 12 [1873], of pleurisy.   [From the ARGUS Supplement, 
Wednesday, November 5, 1873.]

James Sinclair, artilleryman, aged 27, native of Ireland; arrived in 1863 by

the Queen of the South; died October 2 [1873], of typhoid fever.   [From the

ARGUS Supplement, Thursday, October 9, 1873.]

John Sinclair, carpenter, aged 16, native of Scotland; arrived in 1864 by 
the Elder; died June 5 [1873], of morbus cordis.   [From the ARGUS 
Supplement, Tuesday, June 17, 1873.]

William Sinclair, aged 37, native of Glasgow; arrived in 1860, by the 
Monmouthshire; died December 29 [1875], of pleurisy and pneumonia.   [From 
the ARGUS Summary for Europe, Wednesday, January 26, 1876.]

     I do hope the information helps in your research.
     By the way, Peter, I think yours was one of the four or five e-mail 
queries that I have received in the last couple of months, which although I 
did send an answer, it was rejected as being an incorrect address.   This 
was in spite of the fact that I sent the replies to the exact addresses as I

had received them.   I am glad you sent another query, and I hope this 
answer finally gets through.   If I remember correctly I received your first

query about a week ago.   The vast majority of queries have received the 
answers okay.
     Once again I hope this reply does not bounce again.


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