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Dear cousins,
    I was thinking as I awoke this beautiful morning, how fortunate I am.  I
thank you all again for all your thoughts and prayers.  I have never felt
really dejected (well maybe a couple of times in the middle of the night
that I can hardly remember now) but just have been uplifted by all of your
concern for my health.
   Also I think it helped to have a historian's perspective on all of this.
During this time I read about the ill-fated voyage of the Scots to Darien
and in "A Dance Called America", the misery of those destitute folks fleeing
the Clearances was laid out before me.  One can only marvel that any of them
made it at all and then the impact on their health was never over-come, I'm
sure.  How thankful I am to be alive now when such advances in the medical
field are available.  I think it would be good for all to read John
Prebble's "The Darien Disaster" or something like it.  Remembering the
misery of the Pilgrims, the African Slaves, the Jews, the poor people caught
along the way in the jaws of the Crusaders, the many pockets of misery today
in Africa and SE Asia, the North Koreans, Stalin's massacre of millions of
Ukranians and others in Siberian camps, etc.  What have we to complain about
if we miss an airplane connection, are slowed down by another driver, have a
bad hair day, or someone on this discussion group riles you?
 Thank you again, and be gentle with one another, and do have a good time
for me in Scotland.

    By the way is there anyone that might have a few extra hours around
Sterling Castle?  There was something I had wanted to look into while there.

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