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News Disemination Balloon

A thought for the list around the world to those individuals that think it worthy enough to think about. I have noticed that "Sinclair" interested news is from time to time quite worthy of public note, and should be shared. We do have some remarkable items presently. A member of the House of Lords holding a clan reunion after how may centuries? A fine lady on a rather interesting Zeno voyage, some Sincs outbacking in the west, and so on. In this day and age of instant communications and world news we can do a bit of our own horn tooting. Should this be of value to the world wide clan. It would do wonders to building the collective heritage. And items like Rosslyn will become destination sports for people around the world, the propounding of ideas like Tim's fine articulation, and Nivens ethics can have a wider audience.
What a SincNews would do is to have individual Sincs in various countries around the world have email addresses to the various news and editorial departments in the various locations to send information directly or to keep centrally. New items and stories do require an art form of writing and there are some do's and don'ts attached, so it does require a bit of skill to attract the media, maintain credibility and so on. It also entails some good writing abilities.
Just a thought for down the road and perhaps something that merry band of adventurers in Scotland this month can discuss. The spin offs in travel, tourisim and the arts would be surprising.  A salute to our members from around the world gathering this month.
Yours Aye;