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Re: Races of Man

"Australia's population has increased steadily by 1 to 2 per cent per annum during the past 10 years.

At 31 December 1997, the Australian resident population was 18.6 million, an increase of 208 000 people (or 1.1 per cent) since 31 December 1996. Natural increase - the excess of births over deaths - has contributed more to population growth than overseas migration during the 1990s.

However, Australia's fertility rate has continued to decline and on average, women are having less than 1.8 babies; this is 6 per cent lower than five years ago. Based on our below replacement and declining fertility rate, the current immigration intake and current immigration policies, Australia's population is likely to peak at around 23 million by the middle of next century"

the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs figures show approximately 8,600 people per year leaving to reside abroad since 1947 the out of country citizens is projected at about 300,000


Fact Sheet 13. Produced by the Public Affairs Section, Department of Immigration and
Multicultural Affairs, Canberra, on 1 February 1999.



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 ( and there are only nineteen million of them)

Technically this statement is incorrect.  There are, it is true, approximately 19 million people residing in Australia, however, many of these people are not Australian.  Also, many Australians do not live in Australia. Therefore, the actual number of Australians remains an unknown factor.