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Re: Genealogy List

Hi there, just wanted to remind everyone of The Never Ending Project.
May I suggest that you visit our Sinclair Genealogy Page at 
http://www.mids.org/sinclair/genealogy.html and then follow the link to
 Sinclair Genealogical Database at

Best regards

Coqnord@cs.com wrote:
> reasons.  I was thinking that if we could somehow create a monster data base
> with a collection of people in it, listed by full name, dates of birth and
> death, and place of residence, we might be able to do some good with a search
> engine, but who is going to be the host for such a list?  Well, there must be
> other ideas, and I for one would be interested in yours, through the Sinclair
> net.  Best regards, Ray Lower
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