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Re: Genealogy List

The best to you Ray,

you wrote>>I was thinking that if we could somehow create a monster data
with a collection of people in it, listed by full name, dates of birth and
death, and place of residence, we might be able to do some good with a
engine, but who is going to be the host for such a list?  <<

This is that type of list.  It has a searchable archives which is hosted now
by "E list"

Any information sent to this list is searchable as long as E List is in
existence which was my reason for starting the list originally.

Also there is the information Lena has accumulated in the world wide
Sinclair data base, so I suppose that gives 3 searchable areas including the
Sinclair discussion list.

Regards, and glad you shared your thoughts.

Yours Aye,

Gary M. Sinclair

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