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Re: Genealogy List

This is a response to a question fromCharles St Clair, not as the Owner, but 
rather as the Clan Geneologist for Clan Sinclair USA.  I'm not sure I know 
what kind of list you have in mind, Charles, but I'm interested in any ideas 
you care to share as to what form this should take if we did have one.  I 
just spent a weekend with 25 thousand avid Scots at the Sacramento Valley 
Scottish Games and Gathering, and it seemed to me that every clan was having 
many interested persons with geneological questions.  The sponsoring 
organization (the Sacramento Caledonian Club) had a  large tent also serving 
people who were seeking their roots, as did the St Andrews Society. Having 
served in these tents myself over the years, trying to answer questions using 
the standard referance works has always made me wish for an easier and more 
effective tool.  Lists of names don't help that much, especially given the 
human propensity for repeating names in a line of sons, and for other 
reasons.  I was thinking that if we could somehow create a monster data base 
with a collection of people in it, listed by full name, dates of birth and 
death, and place of residence, we might be able to do some good with a search 
engine, but who is going to be the host for such a list?  Well, there must be 
other ideas, and I for one would be interested in yours, through the Sinclair 
net.  Best regards, Ray Lower

(PS  oops, sorry - I apparently dropped this into the "Send Later" file, and 
then didn't do it.  Better late than never, I hope)
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