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Re: sinclair stuff

Hi Donald
My Quaker Sinclairs go back to 1708 in Pennsylvania.  At that time Baltimore 
was a predominantly Catholic area and the Quakers didn't settle there until 
after 1750.  Many Quakers settled on the Eastern shore of Maryland, across 
from Baltimore around1660, almost 20 years before William Penn.  There are no 
Sinclairs amongst the early, eastern shore Quakers, though there is a William 
Sinclair in Talbot county (eastern shore Maryland) around 1750.  I haven't 
done much research into this William yet so I don't know his religious 
affiliation or how he might connect to one of the PA Quaker lines.  Does any 
one on the list claim him?
Longwood gardens is in Kennett Square, which was home to 7 generations of my 
Sinclair family!

Lynn Sinclair, avoiding yard work by responding to email in:
Newark, Delaware
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