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sinclair stuff

please excuse the improper capilatization. i have had 2 rods and a hinge 
removed from my right elbow tuesday. so i now type with my left index finger 
and thumb.

 i was in baltimore last weekend and found the enoch pratt library. baltimore 
was a busy immigrant port in colonial times. with the close proximity to 
pennsylvaina and deleware, i wondered if those of you seeking quaker 
sinclairs might try the port of baltimore.

judy and i traveled to the old dupont family estate of longwood gardens last 
sunday. what a beautiful place. i hope mr. greigg and friends have a lovely 
time together in maryland.

keep up the chatter, i'll be home all week with no one to order around. i'm 
already bored.

donald sinclair, indianaplois.
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