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The following films will be available from Ian Sinclair at Noss Head:

			"Beyond Any Shadow of Doubt" narrated by Niven Sinclair
			"The Templar Legacy" narrated by Michael Bentine C.B.E.
			"The Templar Renaissance" narrated by Andrew Sinclair
			"The Zeno Voyage to the New World" narrated by Andrew
					Sinclair and Lord Norwich

Those of you who will be attending the Millennium gathering in July will 
have an
opportunity to buy them: otherwise write to:

			Ian Sinclair,
			Clan Sinclair Centre,
			Noss Head Light House,
			Wick, Caithness, Scotland

who, by copy of this e-mail, is requested to post the prices in dollars and 
pounds sterling plus postage and packing.

Eventually, we will have a range of films, books and prints for sale which 
should appeal
to all Sinclairs.

Niven Sinclair			

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