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The History of Caithness as seen through Ackergill Tower & HempriggsHouse

As I mentioned earlier this week Niven Sinclair had written to me, and this 
had suggested research into the "Catti". What he sent me was the paper of an 
old friend of his, David Miller, now deceased, about Ackergill Tower, 
Hempriggs House, the Keiths (the "Catti", "Caith" of Caithness) and Dunbars.  
The paper has so much fascinating content I have scanned it in and posted it 
at http://ourworld.cs.com/LairdFHP/Ackergill-Hempriggs.htm  

Coincidentally, David Miller's family to this day farm at Old Stirkoke, home 
to Colonel George Sinclair of Kringen fame (1612).  See 

I have included at the end of the paper other links to Ackergill and 
Hempriggs, the Dunbars and the Keiths. I have also linked this from my 
Caithness page http://ourworld.cs.com/INSLaird/Caithness.htm  Or link in from 
the Caithness Crest on John Sinclair Quarterman's site.
Donald Sinclair of Indianapolis ggg grandson of Hempriggs first mentioned 
that there were Lairds there as well, and set us on this track.

Another piece in the jigsaw.

Yours aye 



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