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Sinclair sites


I'm delurking after months of mostly just reading the
list to ask a question.  

I finally talked a friend into a trip to the UK with
me this September.  I've been several times to
England, Scotland, and Wales, but this is her first
trip.  So she wants to limit it to just England. 
Probably London, Bath, and York but nothing is final
yet.  Any Sinclair sites I could take her to?  We
won't have a car so I need places we can get to by
train or bus.  

Also, I heard something about a Templar church in
London.  Could someone tell me where it is?

Don't worry. I'll get my friend to Scotland next trip.
 She likes my stories and pictures of Scotland and the
counted cross stitch of Roslin chapel I just finished.
 We'll have such a good time she'll have to go back.

Thanks for your ideas
Janet Thomas
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