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Winter Gathering - Canada

Dear Cousins:
I hope I haven't missed something, but I would like to comment about the
Winter Gathering of the Clan Sinclair Ass. of Canada held last Sunday in

Organized by our Association Sec./Tres., piper, and all-around charismatic
leader, Rory, this event has became a staple of our Clan Sinclair life and
this year, forty-six of us, the largest group to date, enjoyed the fine
luncheon and the opportunity to see old friends and meet new ones.  Most
notable, of course, among those in attendance was our Clan Chief, Malcolm,
who spoke about his plans, through the Sinclair Trust, to save and restore
the Sinclair castles, the development of the Research Centre at Noss Head
and about the Gathering 2000 this Summer.  What an amazing time to be a
Sinclair!  How fortunate we are to have a Chief who is willing to spend his
time and energy on such exciting Clan affairs!

It was also wonderful to meet Mary Selver, representing our U. S. Clan
cousins, and John and Gretchen Quarterman, to whom we owe so much for
facilitating our communication through this list.

Our Clan President, W. E. (Bill) Sinclair of Halifax , brought us greetings
and news of events in Nova Scotia, and we saw a video presentation of
Rosslyn Chapel.

All in all, it was an inspiring day, and many thanks are due to Rory, and
photographer-and-right-hand Mary, for their efforts to make it happen.

Ian Sinclair
Richmond Hill, Ont.

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