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Re: Patrick Sinclair of Fort Michillimackinac

I found your comment a little rough perhaps?
I am still young and constantly learning and wanting to learn more about 
Sinclair's in New Zealand and the world. I devote a great deal of my time in 
libraries and archives scanning records.
Just because I am a New Zealander doesn't give me instant knowledge of 
Sinclairs in New Zealand.

I know so much of the Canterbury settlement because that is the area I have 
focussed on so far. My own Sinclair line I have found very difficult to 
trace. New Zealand is a wonderful place to live and I am facinated by it's 
history but the North Island and the South Island may as well be worlds 

I tried to get a copy of St Clair's of the Isles book to read but the one 
copy was away till later this year.

While I have heard of some of the people you mentioned I haven't heard of 
others, yet I know of many you didn't mention. Yes there are many Sinclair's 
in New Zealand. not everyone however is intersted in the history.
I would hope that you did not mean to make me feel inadequate in my 
knowledge, I am doing my best give me a chance,perhaps I have read your 
message the wrong way, it s 1am in the lovely land of New Zealand and my mum 
is having major surgery tomorrow.

I think it would be a very wonderful thing to have a New Zealand Clan 
Sinclair Association. But I would also love to find my direct line as well.

Incidently, my g, grandfather James Sinclair of Lyttleton, and my nana 
Beatrice Sinclair of Lyttleton, were both awarded top academic honours at 
the same School.

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