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Re: Sinclair sites

Also, I heard something about a Templar church in
London.  Could someone tell me where it is?

The Temple Church is in Fleet Street a short walk to the east of the
intersection with Middle Temple Lane.  The alley way off of Fleet Street
which takes you the short distance south down to the Temple Church is just
about opposite to where Chancery Lane intersects with Fleet Street.  Further
to the East is St. Pauls Cathedral of Christopher Wren fame.  Who knows; you
might see the little lady from "Mary Poppins" feeding the birds.
    When I think about Temple Church it reminds me of the beginning of the
BBC video with Henry Lincoln (co-author of Holy Blood, Holy Grail) standing
among the effigies of patrons to the Knights Templars as he introduces his
viewers to the mysteries of these warrior monks.  The church is a must visit
if you are interested in Templar history.  It was badly damaged by the Nazi
bombings in W.W.II and the interior is largely restored.  The basic
structure of the church, however, dates back to the 12th and 13th centuries.
The church has been a place of worship for over 800 years having been
consecrated on 10 February 1185.  The church served as the chapel for the
London headquarters of the Knights Templar until their suppression.  The
oldest part of Temple Church is of the same circular design found in all
Templar Churches, a reminder of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in
    Please enjoy your visit and be sure to also visit St. Pauls.

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