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Re: A Sinclair by any other name

Hi Jenny,

Being a "para-genetic" Sinclair myself, I know something of what you mean 
here.  And good on you for intending to give your children the name 
Sinclair - I have with my children.  Sinclair blood runs strong I think and 
it doesn't really matter what surname you have.

As to drugs and drink!  I'm very glad to hear you stay away from 
those!  Personally I was never tempted by either, but I lost a good many 
friends to them.  Most with the idea that it expanded their mind!  Although 
I remember one friend (dead now) saying to me "you don't need them, you get 
high on life itself".  I felt sad for him that he couldn't see that he 
could do that too.

Margaret :)

>I have always been sad that because my nana was born female we couldn't 
>carry the Sinclair name. Being a female didn't make her, my mum or me 
>anyless Sinclair than anyone else but have always lost credibility with 
>the SInclair line because we don't carry the name. My Sinclair blood runs 
>strong and if I have children then one of them will definitely have 
>Sinclair in their name. I am a Sinclair, I love my Sinclair history and 
>link as did my dear sweet nana who always signed her name Beatrice Mary 
>Ward ( nee Sinclair) she never let the nee Sinclair out. I aim in the next 
>year or so to get an engraving for her grave that tells she was and will 
>always be a Sinclair.
>>Our ludicrous system which necessitates the wife taking her husband's name
>>the identity of half the population.  The blood-line is invariably stronger
>>through the
>>female than through the male.
>I was saddened recently by a dear friend of mine telling me who he has 
>discovered a new world in drug use. People say drugs open their minds but 
>to what extent can you base truth and reality on this open mind, i can 
>tell you of many i know where simple drugs even have shattered lives. I 
>have spent time at university and there studied sociology. Thats how I 
>opened up my mind , by studying many aspects of why people are socialised 
>into different behaviours and customs. I studied several different aspects 
>from Deviance to World Hunger and my mind and my life has been opened up 
>to so so much more than dugs could ever give me and now I can look at 
>things from so many angles.
>>Drugs, drink and
>>religion are all opiates which are escape-mechanisms for those who need 
>>crutches to survive; for those who wish to escape from reality; for those 
>>who haven't the courage to face the truth i.e. themselves.  The truth is 
>>a World which few people have the courage to explore.
>I have actually studied a book called escape attempts wich deals with why 
>and how people try and escape reality. An believe me it isn't just those 
>three you mentioned but I wouldn't blame people for trying to escape but 
>there is only one final escape. I lost one of my best friends to that when 
>i was a teenager, he didn't think he could have gone on, but i feel angry 
>with him because anything could have been better than the option out he took.
>We need to be strong and have hope for the future and not judge each other 
>too much. We all choose to cope in our own ways. I am 20, still a young 
>thing, I will always fight to survive and keep an open mind.
>Jenny Coster
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