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Re: Where did THAT come from?

>To those of you who are not American, you could not know how we feel about 
>Ronald Reagan. At a time when we were feeling low and unsure of ourselves, he 
>brought an honesty, forcefulness, leadership, and direction to our identity. 
>Although many men and women were responsible for ending the "Cold War", 
>Reagan was perhaps the most influential. 

Ahem.  Speak for yourself, please.  Many of us Americans do not have any
such positive feelings about that B movie actor.


There used to be a rule on USENET that whenever any discussion wandered
from the original topic over to Hitler or Nazis that it might be time
to start another subject.

>On this morning of the aniversary of Roslin Moor,

Good subject.

> I wore my Clan Sinclair 
>badge and told my co-workers of William Sinclair and his battle with the army 
>of Edward II. I expected there would be many notes on the discussion list 
>concerning his fight for "what was right".

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