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Re: Where did THAT come from?

oops sorry Donald - you're not the first to question what is going on in my brain
at any given time...and my friend, I'm mistrustful of everything...including my

    the discussion was about the potential pitfalls of defining one cultural
group as being better than another...they were opposite ends of a spectrum of
people who rallied support by insisting that the human beings of their (in this
case National) group were the bigger-faster-strongest of them all...with
extremely different methods and outcomes...it's like saying "People who are male,
like etc"...or "Males who lead their country, like etc"...they both fit into that
group - that doesn't mean they bear comparison in any other way...

                That Reagan did positive things is beyond doubt...and that Hitler
was despicable is just as apparent...but we can speak the name of Stalin without
spewing our breakfast...and he was a blood sucker as well...we kick around Philip
The Fair's name without hitting the bottle and there was a man among men...

            Hitler is example of where some people choose to go when one group is
defined as being superior to another...my thesis is to be ware of such
pursuits...for just the reasons you cite...

                We probably would have traded you Brian Mulrooney for Ronald
Reagan and George Bush uphere...but it would be close...

                               and like a Sinclair  needs an excuse for a
                                        especially on February 23rd...

                                                                    sorry Donald,


and ps. my pick is Gorby for the person who most brought about the end of the
clod (sic) war...Ronnie looked a little confused most of the time...

DSinc39156@aol.com wrote:

> I read my E-mail from a remote site this morning. I was absolutely amazed at
> the comparison of Ronald Reagan to Adolf Hitler. My pulse is now steady. I
> have had 2 "Scotch Guards" (that's for you Rebecca). My blood temp. is down
> to 98.6 and the bulging vein in my neck has all but disappeared.
> To those of you who are not American, you could not know how we feel about
> Ronald Reagan. At a time when we were feeling low and unsure of ourselves, he
> brought an honesty, forcefulness, leadership, and direction to our identity.
> Although many men and women were responsible for ending the "Cold War",
> Reagan was perhaps the most influential.
> Hitler was involved in genocide, murder, and aggression. I have been to
> Dachau (a concentration camp near Munich Germany) and have saw the ovens that
> the helpless Jewish were sent. It made me cry. I have no Jewish bloodlines,
> but witnessed an older lady kneeling at one of the shrines inside this camp
> and wailing as if the events had just happened.
>  Rob seems to be untrustworthy of politicians and other civil servants. Did
> you lose a class president's election in primary school?
> On this morning of the aniversary of Roslin Moor, I wore my Clan Sinclair
> badge and told my co-workers of William Sinclair and his battle with the army
> of Edward II. I expected there would be many notes on the discussion list
> concerning his fight for "what was right". Instead I find Ronald Reagan being
> compared to Adolph Hitler. Simply ridiculous! If it weren't for people like
> Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, and Michel Gorbichev we would be playing
> the same games as what occurs in the Middle East.
> If your note was meant to be humorous, I didn't get it!@#$%^&*.
> Donald Sinclair (Indianapolis)
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