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Re: A Sinclair by any other name


I was interested in your message.

I have always been sad that because my nana was born female we couldn't 
carry the Sinclair name. Being a female didn't make her, my mum or me 
anyless Sinclair than anyone else but have always lost credibility with the 
SInclair line because we don't carry the name. My Sinclair blood runs strong 
and if I have children then one of them will definitely have Sinclair in 
their name. I am a Sinclair, I love my Sinclair history and link as did my 
dear sweet nana who always signed her name Beatrice Mary Ward ( nee 
Sinclair) she never let the nee Sinclair out. I aim in the next year or so 
to get an engraving for her grave that tells she was and will always be a 

>Our ludicrous system which necessitates the wife taking her husband's name
>the identity of half the population.  The blood-line is invariably stronger
>through the
>female than through the male.

I was saddened recently by a dear friend of mine telling me who he has 
discovered a new world in drug use. People say drugs open their minds but to 
what extent can you base truth and reality on this open mind, i can tell you 
of many i know where simple drugs even have shattered lives. I have spent 
time at university and there studied sociology. Thats how I opened up my 
mind , by studying many aspects of why people are socialised into different 
behaviours and customs. I studied several different aspects from Deviance to 
World Hunger and my mind and my life has been opened up to so so much more 
than dugs could ever give me and now I can look at things from so many 

>Drugs, drink and
>religion are all opiates which are escape-mechanisms for those who need 
>crutches to survive; for those who wish to escape from reality; for those 
>who haven't the courage to face the truth i.e. themselves.  The truth is a 
>World which few people have the courage to explore.

I have actually studied a book called escape attempts wich deals with why 
and how people try and escape reality. An believe me it isn't just those 
three you mentioned but I wouldn't blame people for trying to escape but 
there is only one final escape. I lost one of my best friends to that when i 
was a teenager, he didn't think he could have gone on, but i feel angry with 
him because anything could have been better than the option out he took.

We need to be strong and have hope for the future and not judge each other 
too much. We all choose to cope in our own ways. I am 20, still a young 
thing, I will always fight to survive and keep an open mind.

Jenny Coster
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