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RE: A Dance called America

Hi All
I enjoyed your story Annie,
I wanted at add a brief version of another; William Sinclair of the 
lyttleton Sinclairs, son of my g,g,g grandfather. IN an article clled Hero 
of the CLiff Accident near Lyttleton,
It is said that many swimmers who found themselves in difficuly owe their 
lives to this brave man. I was saving his story for my new web site but I 
will give a wee snipet. Two young boys had fallen part way down a cliff, 
they couldn't be reached by boat and it was too difficult to go down the 
cliff. William took off his shoes and socks and climbed around the rough and 
dangerous cliff face. Lowered a rope down to the boys climbed down, put the 
injured boy on his back climbed one handed to the top, with the other hand 
on the boy who was on his back. The boys owed their lives to William, and 
according to the newspaper article he was such a modest man that to get any 
information out of william about any rescue he did they had to interogate 
him. This all happened in 1894. A slighly fuller version with excepts out of 
the paper will be found on my new website when it is officially launched and 
finished along with many other stories.

With such modesty and bravery in my line I better get working on being a 
better person so that I can do my ancestors names and memory proud.


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