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Re: A Sinclair by any other name

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From: "Niven Sinclair" <niven@niven.co.uk>
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Sent: Wednesday, February 23, 2000 3:21 PM
Subject: Re: A Sinclair by any other name
> Jenny,
> I loved your reply.  The young have a special place in my heart and in my
> philosophy because unless we can impart our ideas and ideals into the
> our lives will be as naught.
> Please keep the Sinclair name alive in your family because we are nothing
> wuthout
> our roots.  Your nana was quite right.  Please carry out her wish and have
> Sinclair
> added to her headstone.  If you can't do this, add the engrailed cross.
> has an even
> deeper meaning for those who understand these things.

My mother even used my fathers given names, (Mrs Wilbur H.C.Sinclair) I
convinced her to use her own name (Mrs Nellie Sinclair) when I was a

What is "the engrailed cross"?. Is it supposed to mean something?.


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