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Re: corrected: United Empire Loyalists

>I was a little disappointed at the Moore's Creek site.  It gave such
>little information about the battle itself.  It appears as if a thousand
>American rebels (Americans read patriots) with clever strategic planning
>defeated 1,600 Highlanders.  I found a further reference in "Royal
>Raiders: Tories of the American Revolution" Callaghan, North. p New York
>1963.  There seemed to be a very large segment of pro-British sentiment
>during the American Revolutionary War.

The usual rough proportions cited are a third for independence,
a third against, and a third didn't care.

There's more detail in here,
which seems to say that the proportions were about half and half.

One of my ancestors, Dr. John Irvine of Savannah and formerly of Cults,
was a Tory, and had to return to Britain for the duration of the war.  

>  Many of these loyalists moved to
>Canada after the success of the rebels. Quite a few Scottish troopers
>were used against the Americans.  Jacobite sympathies seemed largely put
>aside.  Flora MacDonald, extremely pro-British, returned to Scotland
>after the success of the rebels.  I wonder how many Canadians can trace
>back to the United Empire Loyalists?

I suspect our Canadian cousins will say that much of the population
of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick is descended from them.

Scots fought on both sides of that war.  To quote Col. John McIntosh,
defending Fort Morris, near Sunbury, Georgia, in his letter replying
to a demand for surrender from
Col. L. V. Fuser:
 "We have no property compared to the object we contend for that we
 value as such a rush: ---and would rather perish in a vigorous defence
 than accept of your proposals.  We, sir, are fighting the battles of
 America, and therefore disdain to remain neuter till its fate is
 determined.  As to surrendering the fort, receive this laconic reply:


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