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Re: United Empire Royalists

there are descendents of United Empire Loyalists crawling all over Nova Scotia and New Brunswick...Halifax was the main staging point for the British during the American Revolution and so when the Loyalists had to be evacuated in the 1780s - thousands were brought here and given land and rum...there are hundreds of examples of their legacy...a book opens to this one:

        " Kings Collegiate School for Boys has it's boast about being the oldest educational institution in the British Empire overseas. A tablet affixed to The Chapel reads:
                    Kings College...founded in 1789 by the Rt. Rev Charles Inglis, D.D., First Bishop of Nova Scotia, and other United Empire Loyalists..."

                                            must have been the rum...

Privateers wrote:

I was a little disappointed at the Moore's Creek site.  It gave such little information about the battle itself.  It appears as if a thousand American rebels (Americans read patriots) with clever strategic planning defeated 1,600 Highlanders.  I found a further reference in "Royal Raiders: Tories of the American Revolution" Callaghan, North. p New York 1963.  There seemed to be a very large segment of pro-British sentiment during the American Revolutionary War.  Many of these loyalists moved to Canada after the success of the rebels. Quite a few Scottish troopers were used against the Americans.  Jacobite sympathies seemed largely put aside.  Flora MacDonald, extremely pro-British, returned to Scotland after the success of the rebels.  I wonder how many Canadians can trace back to the United Empire of Loyalists? Sinclair
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