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corrected: United Empire Loyalists

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From: Privateers
Sent: 23 February 2000 10:39
Subject: United Empire Royalists

I was a little disappointed at the Moore's Creek site.  It gave such little information about the battle itself.  It appears as if a thousand American rebels (Americans read patriots) with clever strategic planning defeated 1,600 Highlanders.  I found a further reference in "Royal Raiders: Tories of the American Revolution" Callaghan, North. p New York 1963.  There seemed to be a very large segment of pro-British sentiment during the American Revolutionary War.  Many of these loyalists moved to Canada after the success of the rebels. Quite a few Scottish troopers were used against the Americans.  Jacobite sympathies seemed largely put aside.  Flora MacDonald, extremely pro-British, returned to Scotland after the success of the rebels.  I wonder how many Canadians can trace back to the United Empire Loyalists?