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A Sinclair by any other name

Rob, you mention Bill Buehler who is a man who is light years ahead of most 
of us in his
understanding of the World we live in.  He is not a Sinclair but, like most 
people who make
such valuable contributions to these pages, he is (and I use his term) a 
'para-genetic' Sinclair which means that he is carrying Sinclair genes and 
is imbued with the Sinclair ethos.

Our ludicrous system which necessitates the wife taking her husband's name 
the identity of half the population.  The blood-line is invariably stronger 
through the
female than through the male.  After all, it is a wise man who knows his 
own father.

You also mention how drugs can help to open the mind.  They are better 
known for eroding
the mind and enslaving the body.  The World is littered with such 
people.  Drugs, drink and
religion are all opiates which are escape-mechanisms for those who need 
crutches to
survive; for those who wish to escape from reality; for those who haven't 
the courage to
face the truth i.e. themselves.  The truth is a World which few people have 
the courage
to explore. On the other hand, the mind is like a parachute.  It only works 
when it is open.

How many of us can claim to have an open mind?  How many of us are prepared 
to shed
the shibboleths of past ideas? How many of us  have the courage to discard 
the accepted and expected in order to be seen to conform?  How many of us 
are true trail blazers?

Alas, very few because the majority of us are prepared to commit partial 
suicide rather than
release the true talents which lie (for the most part latent) within each 
and everyone of us.  Let us hope that the next generation will not be so 
inhibited.  God knows, the tormented and troubled World, which we have made 
for ourselves, needs leaders as never before in its long history.

Niven Sinclair.

Niven Sinclair

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