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The Zeno Brothers

You may be interested to know that I made a short film which highlighted 
the activities
of the Zeno Brothers, Nicolo and Antonio.  I will send you a copy of this 
if you will be
good enough to let me have your mailing address.

Nicolo arrived in Orkney in 1390 to join Henry Sinclair, the 'jarl' of 
Orkney and Shetland.
He assisted Henry in bringing the Shetland under control and, in 1393 set 
sail to carry out
a survey of Greenland from where he returned to Orkney in 1395.  He died 
afterwards but not before he had asked his brother, Antonio, to join him 
from Venice.
Antonio was made Admiral of Henry's fleet with which they set sail to the 
New World
in 1398.  Antonio is known to have returned to Venice in 1404.

I have a copy of the Zeno narrative in Italian and this, too, I will send 
to you once I have
your address.

As you may know, I gave an address at the Naval College, Arsenale, Venice 
on 16th
December, 1999.

Laura Zola, the renowned Italian yachtswoman, will be leaving Venice on her 
to re-enact the voyage of the Zeno Brothers tomorrow,6th December.  She had 
to leave Venice at 0001 hours on 1st January, 2000 but, as the Italian Navy 
wished to
escort her out to the open sea, this was deferred until January 6th which 
also happens
to have some religious significance about which I am unaware - tradition of 
the Three Kings?

You may be able to fill in this gap in my knowledge.  Religious 
significance? Superstition ?
Whatever the reason, I wish Laura well on her brave adventure.

Niven Sinclair

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